March 13, 2014

My Dad

One year ago today, on 3/13/13, my dad passed away.

I had taken a couple days off work to move into my new house, when my sister called me while I was in Home Depot, to tell me that Dad fell down the stairs and was in ICU. She said they are running tests and no one will do anything until we know more. She also said she and Sacha were communicating with my step-mom, so not to call her and overwhelm her. I decided to ignore that advice, as I felt strongly that these are my parents, and that sort of warning is reserved for more distant relatives. I think I texted my stepmom first, as I didnt want to go against my sister's request not to call her, but eventually talked to my stepmom and asked if I could come. She said I could and I booked a flight. This seemed to set off a chain-reaction as before I knew it I was making hotel reservations for myself, as well as all my siblings and my uncle too.

Going to Scottsdale in the middle of Baseball Spring Training is heinous because there arent many lodging options available. I managed to find affordable accommodations for everyone and off I went.

I will skip all the fun sibling dramatics and just say it was really hard to see my dad look so absent. That I can remember, i have never seen my dad in a hospital bed - I dont think I have ever seen him sick! This man was invincible as far as I was concerned- this this was quite a shock. I remember worrying about my stepmom and paying attention to the reaction of my siblings.

Everyone talked a lot about logistics and what dad would want.

We all decided he wouldn't want to be a vegetable and we decided to let him go. I couldnt remember my last conversation with him and I am pretty sure I hadn't seen him since my wedding. This makes me sad. Strange how I saw him on 10/10/10, then he passed on 3/13/13... coincidence - but still.

I also get sad when I think about what a good grandpa he is and how he will never meet my kids (if I have any). But after I let myself have those grieving thoughts I try to remember the good stuff and how he had a long, amazing life with many children that he adored.

Recently my step-mom sent me some great photos and cards and things for me to keep and I picked out the ones with my dad to share today, the the first anniversary of his passing:

Handome Sy

Me and my Dad - 1982 - What a hipster!

I was 15 I think...with dad and cousin Simone

Funny face with dad and Zak

Easting and talking

High School Graduation

How 80s can YOU be?

Mom, dad and a bunny!

Fathers Day note - with coupons!

My portrait of dad - 1986

Could YOU draw happy heart people that well in 1986?

My gift to dad the last time I saw him before he died (@wedding)

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