March 14, 2014

Happy Friday

A list:

  • Yesterday hit me harder than I thought... the more I thought about dad, the sadder I felt. Talking to family helped!
  • I am excited for my garage sale tomorrow
  • I won the lottery today ($2 is doubling my investment!)
  • I got tickets to baseball games for my husband today (GO Giants!)
  • I wish it were 5pm
  • I forgot to upload this photo yesterday, it this is part of why I felt more sad... here is me (at around 4 years old) and my dad... he has his camera in this photo. He bought that camera the year I was born - its an amazing camera with MANY lenses. When I was in Jr. High I took my first photography class and he "loaned" me this camera kit. I continued with photo classes in high school and dad built me a darkroom in his garage. When I went to college to study photography, he gave me this camera kit as a gift. He really supported and encouraged my art and passion. It is because of him that we have all these great photos from childhood. The photos mean EVERYTHING to me. Thanks Dad!

Neked playing with dirt and rocks

Just born Jessy (JbJ)

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