March 20, 2014

Greatest Neighbors

I have this great history of wonderful neighbors since I left home in 1998. Unfortunately in South Orange County where I grew up people didnt much interact with their neighbors (*at least not on my street). I had a couple classmates nearby by coincidence, but didnt have friends on the block just because we lived near eachother.

My second apartment in SF, right after moving in (before cell phone days) we hadn't connected our phone yet so we knocked on a neighbor's door to use their phone and order a pizza. This awesome older couple were there and we instantly bonded. Ernie became a wonderful friend who introduced me to Tennessee Williams and gave me a place to have a smoke without going outside. When Ernie passed away I really connected with his partner Bill and remain friends with Bill today!

Another friend in that building was a teen across the hall. She was like a fun little sister and we recently reconnected on facebook.

In my next building I made good friends with a woman on my floor who really became a big sister and confidante. She had a number of issues and demons that she battled, but such an amazing, loving heart. She passed away many years later from a brain tumor, but I really learned a lot about living on my own, being thrifty and being fabulous from Sue.

When I moved in with Wes, we lived in a questionable area of West Oakland, but the neighbors were wonderful! We shared a duplex with a couple guys below who enjoyed board games and backyard BBQs. One of them was usually home and it just made me feel safer feeling like we had friends around. The older gentleman next door was already kind and we shared hellos and smiles with just about everyone on our corner.

When we moved to El Cerrito, I didnt think we would get so lucky again, but sure enough there was a sweet younger couple living in the same four-plex as us and we quickly became friends. Having dinner or hanging out... we took care of eachother's cats when any of us were traveling and Amber and I even went to the gym together for a minute when we were both unemployed. They have since moved to LA, and are continuing their adventure elsewhere, but I miss them dearly!

There is no way to compare, but one of my best neighbor finds so far has been Marilyn. I decided to take a CERT (community emergency response team) class and she and I hit it off as the class clowns and fellow SOA-loving comrades. She lived very closeby and we have remained great friends. She totally understands all the funny life stuff, she doesnt judge and she has vast knowledge in just about every area. She also surrounds herself with good people. We have become real friendly with her brother Bob and her roommate Joette too.

Here are a couple photos of them the day they moved out of their last house:
They were very tired from moving!

An amazing gardener, Marilyn showing off her corn

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