June 21, 2012

Non-Photo Post!

What? No photos?!?!?
I was reading one of my favorite blogs (Pioneer Woman) and she gave advise to some readers...I love some of her answers.
I like this one particularly answering a woman asking what advise she had for newlyweds...i like it so much i want to share:

Dear Married:
Congratulations! Best Wishes! Yippee! How’s it going so far?
One piece of advice I’d give—and this pretty much covers a lot of ground—is to look at marriage not as 50-50, but as 100-100. Because the truth is that at any given time, one of you will not be capable of giving 100%. And when that happens, the other will be there to fill in the gap, if you will.
Looking at marriage as 50-50 might suggest that you’ll only go so far, that you’ll only give what’s given to you in return—which can result in a little bit of scorekeeping. But if you’re both all-in no matter what, I think real closeness can develop over the years. Marriage, in my dorky opinion, really does mean giving all of yourself to another person. Not that you cease to be your own person, obviously. You’re not just half of a whole. You’re two wholes…that make a larger whole.
That made zero mathematical or logical sense. But marriage doesn’t either! It’s way more mysterious than that. So enjoy!
Live, laugh, love! And eat chocolate cake out of the pan with two forks.
And touch feet as you’re falling asleep at night.

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