August 3, 2011

My Best Friend Matt - Matthew Lindgren, LMFT

I am writing a blog post to honor my best friend Matt. He is having a big birthday this month and he is really a top notch guy. He has become a brother to me and is just all around such a special person. Him and his wife are hands down the best friends I have and I love them both dearly.

Here are some fun facts about Matt:
1) He is as silly as me. He has a silly sense of humor and can always make me laugh
2) I met him in a bar - it was a social group that met in bars every week and a mutual friend brought him and we had an instant mutual like :)
3) Matt used to live in SF, and now lives in the east bay - like me
4) Matt taught me how to ride a motorcycle and even "loaned" me his Yamaha Virago that I "owned" until the starter clutch needed to be replaced so I sold it and bought a Honda Shadow.
5) Matt used to be a technical writer, and now he is a therapist (a very good one!)
6) Matt is from Fargo, ND
7) Matt is going to be a dad before the end of the year and I will be a very happy, proud aunt!
8) Matt surfs...the web and the ocean
9) Matt was my Man of Honor and Officiant at my wedding
10) You should click the following links to learn more about the amazing work Matt does:
Matt's Professional Website
Blackbird Family Therapy
Yelp Reviews of Matthew
Follow Matt on Twitter
Get the facts on Linked In


Anonymous said...

He rules. =)

Junko said...

His wife is awesome!

Jen Davidson said...

Matt and Haydee are some of the most special people in my life, and I treasure them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Junko and Jen! - H