April 13, 2011

A moment, then more day after photos

First I would like to take a moment to talk about how great my new family is...they are very loving and kind and warm. I particularly love my "new" grandparents...Mimi and Poppa. Mimi is spunky and funny and sweet as pie. Unfortunately she had a fall the other day and is currently not doing real great. Wes and I are driving to sacramento tomorrow with garrett and christine to see her and the family. I am really hoping to see Mimi wake up and get better. Please think good thoughts for her!

Now to continue with the rest of my "day after wedding" photos. We had a nice breakfast at the hotel with lots of family, then later in the day Aunt Denise hosted a great dinner at her house in Lafayette.
cutest siblings

i LOVE this photo of my moms

kim cracks me up

we celebrated trish's birthday

we brought wes' grooms cake since it wasnt eaten at the wedding

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