March 19, 2011

Photos from Jen

My cousin Jen, who has two amazing kids, Connor and Alicia, took a lot of photos on her trip to California wedding and otherwise- and sent them all to me! I did some of my usual editing...and as per usual they are all out of order.
beautiful, happy alicia

near the hotel in jack london square...people forget how pretty the oakland waterfront can be

beautiful, happy alicia :)

jack london square

our awesome hotel

handsome nephew tony - LOVE the bowtie!

alicia running between the tables at the wedding

they found the farmers market at jack london square...i wouldnt be able to wait to eat those strawberries either

its funny how even if youre not a magazine model bride and even if youre wearing boots and some funky orange...little girls will look at you and see a disney princess. as a bride you become a celebrity to all girls under the age of 7...i had little girls hanging around me a lot at my wedding and felt the love

another prime example...there she was as i tried to eat my dinner

beautiful Nin and her beau

the kids all tuckered out- so cute!
there were different kinds of candy and snacks in the centerpiece "jars" so some people tradedthem with other tables to try different things

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