January 28, 2011

The Ceremony

These photos show the anticipation of the wedding party geting ready to walk down the aisle!

January 25, 2011


As centerpeices we used some vases, apothocary jars and vases to house fun orange snacks:

Wes made this really awesome sign to point our guests in the right direction:
My buddy Jen Huff helped by making these really fun poufy tissue decorations that we hung from the trees, I love them!:
I woner what my uncle Mike thought about it all:
Oh and we cant forget the bikes or the beer...my fabulous brother Zak picked up the keg...too bad it didnt work!:

And here is our peeps (well half of them)...patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin:

January 24, 2011


So my good friend Jenai is the best and she has on several occassions made amazing cakes for us. Our wedding was no exception. This photo does not have the fun cake-topper, but you can see this multi-layer orange cake with a road going around it (leads to the top where the motorcycle cake topper sat). The cake is red velvet and vanilla with frosting and fondant. it was so fun, I just loved it! Also, we had a giant glittery orange skull for the cake stand, but the cake was so massive, it didnt work out to use the stand after a little bit...this is one of the few photos of it on the stand.

January 11, 2011

Heather's Art

A few weeks ago Heather spent the whole weekend with us and I helped her with a photography class assignment. It was a lot of fun! I set up a backdrop and some lighting and she took photos of me and wes for her "friends and family" assignment. She also had to do a still object, so she set up a wine glass and grapes. My favorite is the photos of her grandparents dog. check it out: