December 31, 2011

hotel and dress/outfit

i really love this hotel

love the color

yup those are my wedding day shoes!

the detail on my dress

December 29, 2011

Wedding Bride and Groom

After our ceremony Wes and I were whisked away for portraits of just the two of wouldn't know it but these photos were taken in the Zoo parking lot. I also felt very uneasy being away from my folks and not getting to have a drink or taste an appetizer...these photos seemed to go on forever and I even asked the photographer is we could do it later or hurry it up and she said the lighting was great and it was our only opportunity to get these shots of just the two of us. Here are a few of my faves from the first batch:
this one was towards the end of the night...i had no idea my husband was going to change into a tshirt and jeans...oh well

November 4, 2011

Engagement Photos!!

It almost rained the day we took our engagement photos in January 2010, and my friend Rachael came to do my makeup. I was really upset at the thought that our photographers wanted to postpone until April. I really wanted to use the photos for our save the dates and I was just excited to do it. I couldn't pick out what to wear, and everything seemed to happen last minute, but the photos turned out pretty good nonetheless. They are all here.

A few (or more) of my faves:

The Nin

Heather is our "Nin" and we love her very very very much. But she is also 16 years old and I am sure I have received my first grey hair since she has moved in. Someday I will pluck that hair and cherish it because while we get frustrated, we also are getting to know her and I truly believe she is destined for great things. This photo is special to me because this is her school picture that signifies the year she came to live with us. It makes me happy. She is a beautiful girl and we are lucky to have her!

September 27, 2011

Best of Friends

A couple years ago I got to plan the staff holiday party at the Academy of Sciences and I hired the same photographers I used for our wedding to do a "fun booth" at the party...seeing these pics makes me miss my great friends at my last job...

September 21, 2011

Photos from the Wingeiers

Our buddies Brett and Kerry came to the wedding, brought their 3-week old baby (my BFF SloMar) and took some great photos- thanks guys!

September 18, 2011

wedding photos from the Huffs

some wedding photos taken by my good friends of the huff family:
dancing to black eyed peas after the ceremony

i love my nephews fist in the air!

amazing orange sunset

dont tell me this is the the sweetest father son moment

jen looks gorgeous here!

michelle cracks me up

amazing zoom under the crescent moon

fun booth!

September 8, 2011

Last of the Rehearsal Dinner Photos

matt and haydee


so sweet

connor was playing

each parent got an embroidered hanky

love their expressions

September 2, 2011

Yet Even More Rehearsal Dinner Photos

the much practiced kiss

mom love

more mom love

double mom love


August 25, 2011

More Rehearsal Photos from Kim

what are these looks?

beautiful danielle

Syman had a birthday yesterday - happy birthday dad!

thats the spirit!!

great dads!