December 14, 2010

Good Year

That pretty much sums it up...with two weeks or so left to 2010 I have to say this has been a very good year. Here are some of my highlights:
  • Breast reduction surgery
  • Turning 30
  • Two new tattoos
  • Two trips to Vegas/honeymoon
  • Wedding/being married
  • Seeing family
  • BIL gets engaged
  • SF Giants win World Series
  • Disneyland
  • Birth of SloMar (friend's baby)
  • Wedekings are expecting!
  • Eliane and Andy are expecting!
 Who knows what the next two weeks will bring, or the next year for that matter, but this is all good stuff. And now for something completely different (yet somehow so fitting) from our long drive home from SoCal.
This made me laugh....I can hardly see the point of the billboard:

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