November 23, 2010

Wedding Photos!

So the photographers photos arrived...sort of...I got a link to an online "gallery". It a place you can view the photos, but only so big and they ahve a watermark...but you can order pricey prints from the photographers. We did order prints, because I agree their prints are superior to anything I can do at home, but mostly I will enojuy the photos once I get a disc of the images from them sometime next month. In the meantime, a lot of friends and family took great photos, that I have processed myself in photoshop. They are a bit out of order, so I will describe a little as I jump back and forth.

First up is the bridal party lining up to walk down the aisle. After the ushers (my brothers) walked the moms down the aisle, Wes walked down with his daughter Heather, followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Of course last but not least was the bride! (me!!) I had both my dad and step-dad walk me down the aisle...we didnt all fit through the glass doorway, but the aisle was plenty wide.

My coworkers came and one took this photo of the other...I want to share it to illustrate the amazing sunset outside behind him:
The day after the wedding we got our first and only "teaser" from the photographers. I asked for one to use for the Thank You was a perfect choice!
The view in front of the "audience" during the ceremony:

Thats all for now....more to come~!

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