November 9, 2010

Invitations continued....

The Anatomy of our invitations are as follows:
After doing a postcard for the save-the-dates I wanted to continue with the postcard theme and have several postcards fastened together by a brad in the corner so they could "fan" out and the recipient can tear off the last one and send it back as the RSVP card.

Way back I wanted to get a tattoo and one idea I had was to get our motorcycles with the bay bridge. I got an artist on to create this image with photos of our bikes and while I did not like it for a tattoo, I loved it for the invitation...actually...Danielle was coming up with some pretty amazing designs for us, but none of them quite worked perfectly...which is when it dawned on me to use the art of the bikes. Danielle did a smashing job coloring in the picture to fit our color scheme and added a few great elements that ended up being logos for our wedding. One was these two love birds (I actually now have a tattoo of the birds!), another is a heart tattoo with a banner through it that reads "wes & jess". She added these two elements and a sun in the sky that actually reads our wedding webpage address!

The next card is the invitation itself. Using a fun biker-style font and a more casual handwriting font, we set the toe for the wedding and decided simpler the better- see photos below.

The next card is the mapcard with more details and a map- again Danielle really nailed it here.

Last but not least is the RSVP card...I saw on a wedding blog that one couple asked their guests to draw a picture for them on the RSVP one side of our card is the picture area and the other side is the response, address and stamp.

We used some pretty nice brads to seal it together and then "wrapped" the whole thing in a pretty shiny orange paper and sealed it with a sticker of either the birds or the tattoo heart. The whole thing slipped beautifully into a cloudy-clear envelope and the address was written with a silver paint pen.

I also made my own return-address labels.

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