November 30, 2010

More Halloween at Work

Not sure if I explained this already, but my work BFF, Rachael and I often get mistaken for eachother by coworkers, so we thought it would be funny to dress as eachother. I wore a dress with leggings and flats, she drew her most prominant tattoos on my arms and she wore a long brunette wig and one of my favorite blouses...we also exchanged badges and name tags...the people who really know us thought it was hilarious!


While not everyone in this photo has been in the carpool at the same time, we have all in every which combination shared a ride to work almost every day for 3 years....we had lunch together recently to show appreciation for Marilyn, who no longer works at the Academy:

Halloween at Work

There was a fun costume contest at work this are some of the best:

November 29, 2010

Wine Tasting

Many people made unique and generous contributions to our wedding. Our good friends Dave and Jen Huff helped us out with chosing wine. Dave has taken some classes in wine and so they had us over for a blind taste test. Garrett and Christine also came. They bought several wines, reds, pinks and champagnes for us to try and printed a fun list for us to take notes on. The verdict was that in two of the catagories the $2 Charles Shaw won over the other wines and Jen offered to help with custom labels so I was pleased about the savings! The champagne we liked the best could not be purchased in bulk so I ended up doing another tasting of my own and went with Tott's,. which was on sale at BevMo!
Here are some pics from the tasting:

November 23, 2010

Wedding Photos!

So the photographers photos arrived...sort of...I got a link to an online "gallery". It a place you can view the photos, but only so big and they ahve a watermark...but you can order pricey prints from the photographers. We did order prints, because I agree their prints are superior to anything I can do at home, but mostly I will enojuy the photos once I get a disc of the images from them sometime next month. In the meantime, a lot of friends and family took great photos, that I have processed myself in photoshop. They are a bit out of order, so I will describe a little as I jump back and forth.

First up is the bridal party lining up to walk down the aisle. After the ushers (my brothers) walked the moms down the aisle, Wes walked down with his daughter Heather, followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Of course last but not least was the bride! (me!!) I had both my dad and step-dad walk me down the aisle...we didnt all fit through the glass doorway, but the aisle was plenty wide.

My coworkers came and one took this photo of the other...I want to share it to illustrate the amazing sunset outside behind him:
The day after the wedding we got our first and only "teaser" from the photographers. I asked for one to use for the Thank You was a perfect choice!
The view in front of the "audience" during the ceremony:

Thats all for now....more to come~!

November 21, 2010

Rachael and Gus get Married!

Exactly one month before my wedding, my good friends Rachael adn Gus got married, and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. I offered to be their DOC (day of coordinator). I got to the venue early and set everything up and made sure everything looked good for them. They had a lovely civil ceremony at City Hall in San Francisco, followed by a reception at this beautiful restaurant at Embarcadero Center. Here are some photos:

November 18, 2010

Engagementaversary - More Pics

Here are some more pics from our dinner cruise...There was a Giants game going on so I got some great shots of the ball park (we actually stopped the boat long enoughn to get some clear shots).

November 16, 2010


When I realized that the day I had scheduled my make-up trial was also the one year anniversary of Wes and I being engaged, I decided to do something about it. We didnt really celebrate our four-year dating anniversary the month before, so I took it upon myself to arrange for a dinner cruise!

Wes picked me up at Rachael's after having my face done and off we went. Here are some of my favorite shots from the night:

November 10, 2010

Makeup Trial

On the one year anniversary of our engagement I went home from work with my good friend and coworker Rachael. She does makeup on the side and graciously offered to do my wedding makeup so we were planning on doing the trial that day.

I was breaking out pretty bad so I knew that if she could make me look good this day I would be fine for the wedding...well here are the before and be the judge!

Wes says I do that funny eye pop thing in photos so here is a pic with and without the eyepop- i think it looked better with the big eyes....

November 9, 2010

Invitations continued....

The Anatomy of our invitations are as follows:
After doing a postcard for the save-the-dates I wanted to continue with the postcard theme and have several postcards fastened together by a brad in the corner so they could "fan" out and the recipient can tear off the last one and send it back as the RSVP card.

Way back I wanted to get a tattoo and one idea I had was to get our motorcycles with the bay bridge. I got an artist on to create this image with photos of our bikes and while I did not like it for a tattoo, I loved it for the invitation...actually...Danielle was coming up with some pretty amazing designs for us, but none of them quite worked perfectly...which is when it dawned on me to use the art of the bikes. Danielle did a smashing job coloring in the picture to fit our color scheme and added a few great elements that ended up being logos for our wedding. One was these two love birds (I actually now have a tattoo of the birds!), another is a heart tattoo with a banner through it that reads "wes & jess". She added these two elements and a sun in the sky that actually reads our wedding webpage address!

The next card is the invitation itself. Using a fun biker-style font and a more casual handwriting font, we set the toe for the wedding and decided simpler the better- see photos below.

The next card is the mapcard with more details and a map- again Danielle really nailed it here.

Last but not least is the RSVP card...I saw on a wedding blog that one couple asked their guests to draw a picture for them on the RSVP one side of our card is the picture area and the other side is the response, address and stamp.

We used some pretty nice brads to seal it together and then "wrapped" the whole thing in a pretty shiny orange paper and sealed it with a sticker of either the birds or the tattoo heart. The whole thing slipped beautifully into a cloudy-clear envelope and the address was written with a silver paint pen.

I also made my own return-address labels.