July 30, 2010

Vegas Baby

I think this is where the aliens communicate with us
Frank car yelling
interesting lines
Babe scruffy

Wes, Garrett (Bil), Christine (Frank) and I headed out to Vegas on 7/15 in the evening. Here are a couple obligatory shots from the plane:

I think it was our first morning there and Wes slept in:
We rented a Chevy!

July 26, 2010

My House, my neighborhood

So since moving to El Cerrito, I havent posted too many photos...so let me give you a small tour...
This is what our apartment building looks like in all its ugly brown glory...you cant even see a single window or front door to our unit from the street:

Next you see the street we live on if you walk to the sidewalk and look to the right...lovely, eh?

this is our next door neighbors house. they have a dog...you can also see the birds of paradise that live along the perimeter

here is wes and heather pretending to be scared by all the neighborhood danger

This is the view of the shopping center across the street (well one block over)

Macaroni grille....yummers

and that concludes a little peak into our neighborhood...hope you loved it and want to marry it

Latest Sawyer Cuteness

July 9, 2010

Teenager Stories

So some of my conversations (more like arguments) with my 15 year old step-daughter are pretty ridiculous, and somewhat entertaining. I thought ti might be fun to try to chronicle them on the blog so some day she can look back and see how silly she was....

So I don't love the idea of her spending summer days doing nothing at home, especially in our house. So on Wednesday I offered for her to come for a half day to the museum I work at to enjoy it. She decided it was a great idea- IF her boyfriend could come, but since he could not, she wasn't interested. On Thursday night I told her the offer still stands for Friday, but she said no thanks again. Part of her reasoning was that wandering a museum by yourself isn't fun- well I agree its better with company, but sure beats doing nothing at home (in my opinion). So since I predicted this response I had asked someone in our publications department if there would be any work for her to do...sure enough she could totally volunteer amongst the old science books- "COOL" i thought..."NOT COOL" she thought.

But no, a simple "no thanks" or "yeah right" wasnt good enough. She starts off by saying she wouldn't be any good at it...umm...you dont even know what the job entails, how do you know you wouldn't be any good at it? "I get bored volunteering or working and therefor i loose focus and im no good". Really?! any volunteering is out of the questions?! so i challenged that notion- "what if the volunteer job was for a fun teenager to take a nice sick kid to Disneyland and show them a good time for the day?", "I'm not a fun teenager" was the response. OK..."what if you got to volunteer at Faname (Anime convention she LOVES) and take home anything from any vendor as a reward?", "IMPOSSIBLE, it would never happen, plus then i couldn't sit in on the panels" - "Okay, what if you were an usher for the panel- you have to seat people, then you get to watch the panels?" her response was that any job volunteer or not would come with restrictions and she cant stand to feel restricted.... isn't sitting at home and doing nothing rather restricting? Because she had a come-back remark to any/all of my ideas and scenarios- I rather rudely admitted she was right and i was wrong...i wont ever ask her about volunteering or working every again.

I know better than to get into these "arguments" with her...but sometimes they are so outrageous, they are amusing...so I will try to remember to share when I do!

July 2, 2010