June 29, 2010

More Birthday Fun

Did I mention that there were games at the bar?

June 27, 2010


The big 3-0 came and went very quickly and I was very pleased with the celebration. Wes pulled off a real fun night at an awesome local bar called the Hotsy Totsy. There was a free juke-box and shuffle board as well as a pool table! There was even an old man at the bar drinking non-alcoholic beer who offered to smoke me out ( i declined). Also Jenai made the most scrumptious, magnificent beautiful cake!!!
Here are some photos...more to come tomorrow:

Academy Motorcyle Club

So Monday was National "Ride-to-Work Day" (NOT bike to work day). So we organized and my coworkers that ride and myself came in together, then after work Wes met us for a ride after work as well. Here are the photos:

Crazy eyeball

this totally weirded me out

Wine Tasting in Livermore?!?!

Who knew there were 52 wineries in Livermore-- a much easier commute than going all the way to Napa. Jenai and I went and it was nice!

SF Ride

Maral is still a beginner rider and really wants to gain confidence for a commute from her home in Mill Valley to our work in SF. SO Wes and I came to meet her in the north bay, and we rode our bikes to our office in Golden Gate Park, then went to Ocean Beach. Here are the photos:

Making Peace

These two will not usually be this close to one another without claws and teeth out...pretty sweet

June 21, 2010

Exciting Stuff

I would have to say this year started off with a move from West Oakland to El Cerrito, that was an adjustment in itself - the biggest downside is the increased commute, BUT...no more roommates! After things settled I had to up and decide to move forward with this surgery...by the begining of April, about the time the last box was emptied, I had a date set for the surgery. After a long-than-expected recovery I barely have enough time to readjust to full time work and here I am today - middle of the year, getting ready for a fun ride-to-work-day (riding my Hartley to work along with my fellow motorcycle-riding coworkers (fun!)...in a mear 5 days I turn 30 years old (no idea what Wes has planned for celebrating this weekend)...in a matter of a few weeks I get to go to Las Vegas to play and have fun in the heat, shortly after my dearest and nearest are throwing me a bridal shower- around that same time I get to celebrate 4 years of being with my sweetiepie...then I get to breathe for half a second before wedding plans and financial procurement goes into high-gear...then its the final weeks before the wedding day with a bachelorette party somewhere in between. Once the hoopla is over it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas then woah...my year is over. Could this have been a more exciting year? I think not...but wait its not over yet...in fact its only half-way through...in fact I am still 29 and I must go get ready for work.

June 3, 2010

Gearing up for Work again

thats right Doc said I am doing well and can go back to work next week.
He suggested I dont start back full time so I will work from home half day monday, and go into the office tuesday and thursday...i am excited!