May 30, 2010

More Graphic TMI....Recovery Milestone

So after three doctor appointments last week alone we have concluded that the antibiotics are working and my infection is clearing up...oddly though that even though the red-ness is going away, the sore-ness is not. In fact the soreness and pain seems to have been worse. I continued my regimen of soaking, cream and pills and tried to take it easy...this afternoon I did a soak and changed my dressing as usual, then later I went to take a shower and when I undressed I found something shocking. My bandage was soaked - no DRENCHED- in a bloody mucus! It looked like the world's largest pimple had popped or something burst...but when we looked at the infected area...nothing...after a minute...drip...drip...from an area of the incision that was noticeably swollen the past few days I was leaking...heavily. Wes and I were both alarmed and called my doctor who was easy to track down through his answering service. He said he was not shocked and saw this as a very good thing. He thinks that this is a draining that has built up and suggested i shower to clean it off and encourage it to come out- plus its coming from a "natural" opening. I agreed that the infected/swollen area looked better and the general swelling/sore-ness was significantly less - this strange scary overflow of bloody mucus was somehow a really amazing relief - I felt like i was dispelling the infection, the pain (to a degree) and finally encouraged to clean off and reassured I was doing things right. Hallelujah!

Today is Saturday and Wednesday is my next appointment...I feel like my recovery is finally getting somewhere and I am excited.

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kims stories said...

It feels weird saying 'great news' after reading that. However, what your doctor said makes sense. I wish you all the best in this 2nd recovery.xoxo