May 21, 2010

Four Weeks Post Surgery

So up until a few days ago my biggest complaint was that the pads I wear under my special bra woulod stick to my still healing incisions and start to heal, then when I would move my body a certain way the scab would stick to the pad and pull off, opening the wound again...very annoying and painful. I talked to the nurse at my doc's office and she suggested a little bit of polysporin and some non-stick pads under the larger padding. I found some silicon-covered waffle non-stick pads meant for draining wounds and burns and it really helped the problem. there is still an area of the incision that does not want to close up and stop draining - doc/nurse both say its because this is the area that carries the weight of the breast and also doesnt get as much blood supply, so it will be very slow to heal. I am waiting for stuff to stop oozing to take a "normal" shower, as I dont want soap getting into the owie area. Sorry if this is all TMI!

I do notice that in general I am getting less pain and less "zingers"...the weird tingles in my nipples have stopped and the bruising is almost all gone. There are areas that feel a little numb, but I imagine thats part of the healing as well.

I tried sleeping on my side for the first time last night - I got comfortable with no pain for about 20 minutes before it started to hurt so I moved back over onto my back. This is now my #1 issue - SLEEP.

I have gotten into the bad habit of going to sleep very alte and waking up late, so to combat that I have been trying to take nighttime pain medication to make me drowsy - NOT WORKING. I am so uncomfortable on my back that I wait until I am so tired that I cannot keep my eyes open before I can fall asleep - usually this happens around 3am. Last night I was in and out of sleep all night and it wasnt until 7am that I really slept well - woke up at NOon!

Yesterday and the day before I felt pretty good and even got out of the house, which was nice. I know my days off are coming to an end and it makes me sad and happy at the same time. I really wanted to get more wedding stuff done, but I didnt want to push it.

Anyway- thats my latest, thanks for reading

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kims stories said...

4 weeks already? That is crazy! Side note, the numbess you are feeling may or may not improve. You know what though? That is ok too! Pretty soon, your life will be resumed as normal and you will feel great! xoxo