April 30, 2010

One Week, Oprah moment and Many thanks

One week ago from this moment I was under the knife. I don't even know if I was dreaming while I was "out" but I was sleeping soundly nonetheless and could not have imagined what one week from that moment would have looked like.

Well I can tell you my range of motion is getting larger, as is my stamina for doing things. I had my first bathing since the Wednesday prior to the surgery and man that felt good- my fiance is a trooper for washing my hair!

I also had my big "Oprah moment". I put on a t-shirt for the first time and cried...I have not been able to wear plain t-shirts so much (not without some anxiety and much self-conciousness) because my chest would fill the shirt up and it was quite obvious the discrepency between my right and left breast size...not to mention- what if it got cold? I just did not feel comfortable in a t-shirt...but now....my t-shirts fit so nicely and comfortably and i can wear them confidantly and this alone will change my life.

I wont go into the details of my pain or discomfort or the other small pains that come along with all of this, but I will say I am sure the next week or two will not be too bad and I am really looking forward to shopping for some new clothes.

My last note I want to give a major shout out to some key players in making this whole thing possible for me:
THANKS to mom for coming up and staying with me for a week. for being supportive, doting on me, running me around and just being an awesome mom
THANKS to my love, my Babbo, my Wes for being here, going outside your realm of comfort, dealing with my physical and emotional messes and truly making this possible....i so love you
THANKS to my sister who moved mountains to be next to me as I went into surgery and was right there with Mom and Wes as I came out, you helped me with the little things I needed and cheered me on and up. And thanks for coming back tomorrow to visit with me again. It's a long drive but it means a LOT.
THANKS to all my other fabulous parents (step, in-law and otherwise) who called to check up on me, sent flowers and words of encouragement and are totally there for me and Wes- LOVE you guys!
THANKS to my cousin Kim who went through the same thing and was very open and available to me to ask questions and only told me the truth about it. It was because of her I probably would not have done this as soon as I did. oh and the monkey and box-o-fun was awesome too!
THANKS to my doctor, the nice nurses and Doc's staff who are all so kind and helpful and capable that I never worried about my health. I am in good hands.
THANKS to Garrett and Christine for visiting me in the hospital and not running back out as I had my  first emotional break-down because I had a bad reaction to the medication and felt so uncomfortable...having them there forced me to not stay sour about what was going on and I smiled instead - these are good friends/siblings- love you guys!
THANKS to my boss and my coworkers who were so supportive and carrying a heavier load in my absence with grace and professionalism. You can all take a day off when I get back!
THANKS to my friends who visited or will be visiting me during my recovery. These days would be longer and more painful without your cheer and reports from the outside world! Thank you for the gift of great friendship.
THANKS to my friends and family who sent notes, gifts or called me - hearing from you means a lot. I am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of others and hope I can return the gesture.
THANKS to everyone who thought about me and was glad to hear I made it out alive and understands that this surgery was a very big deal for me and very necessary.
THANKS to my cats who keep me company and keep my lap warm. Sorry Sawyer if you do not understand why you cannot sit on my chest, and thank you for sitting on my lap anyway.

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Wesley said...

I love you babe and soo glad your gonna be more comfortable. You overcame a huge obstacle in anxiety by doing this. I'm here for you always babe! I love you.