March 5, 2010

Diet and other news

So I started weight watchers again a few weeks ago and am down a couple pounds...I had a few off days since starting, but am generally fact I had a salad as my side with my buffalo burger last night (wes barbequed- yum) and I chose the apples as a side with my subway sandwich. feels good to make the smarter choices (want to know how many yummy buger places i passed on my way to subway?). what might seem like a no brainer (not choosing the chips or cookies) to some is definitely not the natural choice for I will keep having to remind myself and see the rewards on the scale at the meetings.

in other news i am working remotely today from norcal (its my lunch break now) - and tomorrow I work for my second job (windows)...sunday is the oscars and Monday my uncle is visiting!

Lots going on.
thanks for reading!