March 29, 2010

Whats going on?

So an update on my world in no particular order:
-Wedding plans are chugging right along, I got a second weekend job to help pay for the wedding expenses and that is proving to be difficult. I am resentful of wes getting to sleep in and relax on the weekends while I am working all day. I am not saying he isn't making any efforts as well...I don't blame him, I am not mad at him...I am just jealous I guess that I don't get to sleep in or relax. I also think that having a nice wedding with all the trimmings and the super expensive photographers, etc is more for me anyway - and he already got the expensive ring! SO I try not to deflect too much and realize that I am working hard so I can make our day special for him, me, and my family and friends.
-Diet isnt going super great...I really dont know why there is such a huge disconnect between me thinking about healthy choices and actually making them. On the upside I have finally (TMI warning- this may be too much info for some) decided to move forward with the breast reduction surgery I have wanted for ages....two things held me back before - my weight and my fear. My weight may or may not change a whole lot and my want/need for this is greater than my fear, so that's that! My insurance has approved the surgery and I have a second appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday, hopefully I can schedule it at that time. I am hoping that this surgery will reduce the pain I experience in my neck, shoulders and back, allow me to exercise more comfortably and give me a little self confidence and motivation to feel good about myself and ultimately work on more weight loss. SO this is pretty big I sit here writing it I have had probably the worse few days ever of this neck/back pain and am getting close to my wits end with it-- very tight/tense muscles and general soreness-grrrr
-In other news...well...gosh I dont think I have any other news. This week will be fairly uneventful with all the rain expected - except of course for my doctor's appointment and this Sunday I am going to celebrate Easter for the first time with Wes' family - that should be awesome!

I hope you enjoyed my update...sorry if it was TMI (I dont know who reads this)

March 5, 2010

Diet and other news

So I started weight watchers again a few weeks ago and am down a couple pounds...I had a few off days since starting, but am generally fact I had a salad as my side with my buffalo burger last night (wes barbequed- yum) and I chose the apples as a side with my subway sandwich. feels good to make the smarter choices (want to know how many yummy buger places i passed on my way to subway?). what might seem like a no brainer (not choosing the chips or cookies) to some is definitely not the natural choice for I will keep having to remind myself and see the rewards on the scale at the meetings.

in other news i am working remotely today from norcal (its my lunch break now) - and tomorrow I work for my second job (windows)...sunday is the oscars and Monday my uncle is visiting!

Lots going on.
thanks for reading!