February 28, 2010

Chugging Right Along

Havent been blogging a lot, but that doesnt mean a lot hasnt been going on.

This weekend for example...on Friday Night Wes (after much debate) came with me to the city on BART to meet with Ronnie and Allison to have a drink and toast to our mutual friend Susan, who passed away almost two weeks ago. It was good to see them and think about Sue. Wes and I had to wait a long time to catch Bart home because it was late though, but at least we werent hungry (thanks to Pancho Villa!)

SATURDAY I GOT TO DO A COOKIE LEE PARTY FOR JEN AND HER FRIENDS, WHICH WAS FUN! Oops, didnt realize I hit the caps lock sorry.
Anyway last ngiht Wes and I worked on the garage and watched a dvd at home.

Today I worked 4 hours at the Pacific Orchid Expo in SF - Wes took advantage of the weather with me and we rode out to the city, it was nice!

My good friend Bill stopped by and I made turkey meatballs and salad for Ninno and Wes...they are now working on her math homework - poor things!

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Sophia said...

Hey good to hear the update. Yay math homework! Let her know I'm around if she needs help.