January 28, 2010

More on Sue

I guess I feel compelled to write about my friend because she is in the forefront of my thoughts. I woke up early this morning and remembered a time that I was planning the holiday party for my work and Sue was trying to get some side jobs doing floral design. I hired her to make the centerpieces and I think she was having a hard time at the time and she was even running late with them before the party started. She did not normally do this for a living and I started to wonder if I should have hired one of the suggested florists...but sure enough she showed up with all of the pre-arranged centerpieces in a taxi and they were so amazingly beautiful.

Sue has this magical way of stretching a dollar and making a masterpiece out of next to nothing. Not only did I get many compliments on the flowers, but everyone wanted to take one home.

January 26, 2010

More good than bad...but the bad is still there

So I saw Sue again today and she seems to be with it...a little forgetful and tends to repeat herself...but def. still Sue.

I was pretty bummed to hear the grim reality of her situation though and am just praying that she is not and will not be in pain.

On the bright side Wes and I found a place to move to - El Cerrito! It's a nice place with a killer big garage and you can walk to shops, etc.

In other good news, our super amazing photographers have really pulled it off PLEASE check out their blog RIGHT NOW.

Some Bad...Some Good

So our landlord raised the rent and our only choice was to get another roommate or move.
Roommate prospects don't look good (zero response actually) so we are moving.

This could not have come at a worse time with my new second job and wedding planning - but we power through it. I scheduled a LOT of appointments to look at places and already we have a front-runner - in HAYWARD! Yikes...I do NOT want that commute.

That's all I will say about this for now because the bad news gets worse.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from my old friend Sue's sister, Shira, titled "Urgent, Sue is in the hospital". This was a big shock because my dear friend Sue was not just having a mental breakdown, which has happened in the past, but this time it's cancer - and it's serious. Luckily she was at a hospital very close to my work, so I left work and went right over. See, her sister lives far away and could not come out and was having trouble reaching Sue's local friends. Sue was very glad to see me, but she was not remembering things and she was fasting for a surgery and cranky from the hunger. I was able to hold it together (barely) long enough to visit with her until she went in for the surgery, and I even held it together as I drive my carpool home, but I instantly lost it as soon as I had the privacy and calm moment to let it out. I didn't get to vent long before Wes and I had to go drop off a rental application so I was very cranky from having to hold in what I was feeling. I talk to my mom a bit on the phone and managed to make it back home without falling apart.

Here is me and Sue on my 23rd birthday:

It's tough to focus and get things done and feel "together" with this much going on...but I am trying. I woke up unusually early this morning and checked my e-mail. I was delighted to see a sneak peak of our engagement photos! I will leave you with that...

January 12, 2010


Sawyer must watch over Mister and makes sure he doesnt eat it all

January 10, 2010

January 7, 2010


About a month ago Wes and I hosted a party to celebrate:
1) not having a roommate = living alone together
2) the holidays
3) our engagement!

Here are some photos:
Jenai made us the most beautiful (and delicious) cake:

Liz and Ryan - two of my favorite coworkers:

Liz and I decided to dress up:

January 3, 2010

Diet So Far

SO far I have been tracking my calories and excersize (well there hasnt been much yet of that) on Walmart's health page - thanks for the tip lisa! And I feel pretty good so far that I have been making better choices...and sure enough in two days I am already down over one pound. Whohooo! Hopefully the holiday party at work tomorrow will not tempt me too much.

January 1, 2010

Oh no he didnt....

Multiple postings in one day - YEAH!

Just a little more Sawyer cuteness to ring in your new year :)

Happy New Year!

So far I have had a lazier morning than I wanted...I was hoping to clean and exercise and get organized, but instead i watched the Rose parade, played solitaire and nursed a headache...well still nursing....Wes and Sawyer are napping on the bed as I type and I am not unhappy about the year so far...not at all. I did make myself a relatively healthy breakfast - egg white omlette and an apple, but I had a little leftover cheesy potatoes with it. Well I would say lets not look back, but I have some thanksgiving photos to share!

Those bacon tomato appetizers were to die for...and my cheese stars were a hit too!

My Babe:

Cousin Scott carving the bird: