December 19, 2010

Getting Ready for My Wedding

This was my dress hanging up patiently waiting for its glorious day:
I wore white Doc Martens that had flowers embroidered on the side and I used a beautiful orange ribbon as shoe laces:
I had to dive into my dress:
Just abour ready to go:

More Ceremony Photos

Here are some more shots from our wedding ceremony:
 wes trying to stay cool before the ceremony begins
 me reading my vows
 our fabulous officiant, matthew
 walking back down together
 a little out of order, but here we are fist-pumping after the vows
one of my favorite shots- I think my cousin kim took this!

December 14, 2010

Annual Holiday Card Photo

I apologize to those of you who have not yet received the holiday card (I am waiting until we get paid to buy mroe postage)...this may spoil the surprise. So two years ago I had someone take a photo of Wes, Heather and I in front of the big tree at Oakland City Center when we were there for the holiday parade. I loved the photo and ended up using it for our holiday cards. Last year I tried to have a nice at home posed photo with the three of us and it turned out horrible and I ended up having to use another old photo. This year I decided to repeat two years ago adn when we were at Bay Street in Emeryville I noticed the unique art installation in place of a tree and had a kind stranger take our photo again. Check it out:

Good Year

That pretty much sums it up...with two weeks or so left to 2010 I have to say this has been a very good year. Here are some of my highlights:
  • Breast reduction surgery
  • Turning 30
  • Two new tattoos
  • Two trips to Vegas/honeymoon
  • Wedding/being married
  • Seeing family
  • BIL gets engaged
  • SF Giants win World Series
  • Disneyland
  • Birth of SloMar (friend's baby)
  • Wedekings are expecting!
  • Eliane and Andy are expecting!
 Who knows what the next two weeks will bring, or the next year for that matter, but this is all good stuff. And now for something completely different (yet somehow so fitting) from our long drive home from SoCal.
This made me laugh....I can hardly see the point of the billboard:


One thing SoCal has over NorCal is better beaches....we stopped for a couple photos on our way home:

December 13, 2010

Claim Jumper Gang

Exactly four years prior Some high school friends of mine and I decided to get together (with our significant others) and have dinner at the Claim Jumper. One drove up from the south (Michelle and her Husband Matt), two of us were down from the bay area (jen and her husband and me and wes) and one was local (lisa). Us four gals were all clarinet players in the mission viejo high school marching band and eight years after high school there we were having dinner in our hometown. Here are the photos form that day in 2006 (PS_ this is also the last time wes and i went to Disneyland....):

 We repeated this event in 2010, here are the photos:

December 11, 2010


That's right...thanks to my fabulous step-bro and his lovely wife we got tickets to the D-Land and went the day after Thanksgiving! Here are some of the best pics:

December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This year for spanksgiving my wonderful husband was open to a road trip to SoCal. I was really hoping for a big turkey dinner with the fam at my paretns house- its been years since we have had this...but alas my folks had plans to visit my brother and sis-in-law in washington...I had been to seattle area the year before for their wedding and JUST saw my whole fam one month earlier, so we decided to head south anyway. We got to have dinner with my step-brother and his wife, mom and friend. It was Delish! We also did some cat-sitting for my parents!
Here are some pics:
 I really love the colorful table cloth and napkins!
 LOVE that I caught the post-meal looks....this pic tells all
Wes calls both my parents cats "Ben"...because they are BENgals...and because they have these HUGE eyes like benjamin linus from  LOST

December 5, 2010

Winter Wonderland at Work

As you know I work at a big fun science museum and this year they are really trying to make the holidays festive. There is snow every 30 minutes in the Piazza, as well as entertainment, an igloo with a planetarium show inside and reindeer in the gardens! Check it out: