December 23, 2009

NYE Dilemma

So here is my dilemma...see, once upon a time I would go to bars, clubs, go dancing, drinking, partying...and it was fun! Of course I was also sort of over it and totally barely miss it..BUT you can only go to so manly holiday house parties before you want a night out on the town for a special evening.

I had the opportunity today to enter in some online drawings for tickets to some fun new years eve parties in the city and won a pair of tix to a party that includes free drinks, dancing, music, some food and a midnight champagne toast!

I am totally excited about this and at the same time totally bummed. I am bummed because I know my dear sweet fiance would absolutely HATE this. Sure enough he said this was just not his thing and I should take a single girlfriend.

Unfortunately I do not have too many single girlfriends...and I sort of want to be with my sweetie on NYE...although not sitting at home...i wanna DO something!

So herein lies my I find a date for the fun night on the town or pass it up for a quiet evening with my babe?... fun evenings on the town are few and far between but when people start kissing I might regret going out without him....

What would you do?

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