December 28, 2009

2010 Baby

So it looks like I might be getting back into actually writing on my blog and not just posting photos. I have mostly been just putting photos on my smugmug page anyway. And I have been micro-blogging on facebook for the most part.

So I am going to take this moment to talk about this past year, right now, and the coming year...for all those who have an interest in my ramblings...and in my life...but mostly for myself.

In 2009 My job has not changed much...I continue to love what I do and where I work. The commute is wearing a little thin, but it's still worth it for now. This year I feel like I have tried to invest in my friendships and that has proven to be very fulfilling. I really have amazing friends and I am very lucky. Last but not least this was the year Wes proposed. I could not have found a more excellent life partner- and one I happen to be totally crazy about to boot. This past year Wes and I have been working on understanding each other better and we also have finally decided to not continue to have roommates so we can co-habitate like an engaged couple :) As I write this I wonder if I tell him enough how much I adore him and appreciate him. I am pretty sure I do, but just in case I think I will tell him again.

Right now I feel hopeful. Even though money is tight and weather is dull and somehow this year I have allowed myself to fall into some pretty bad food habits...I am still very hopeful. Hopeful because I know the days will get longer, the rain will end, the economy will pick up, my wedding will get planned and I might even adopt some healthier habits.

So...2010 is going to be a BIG year. I sense some pregnancies in my social/family circles might come this year...and of course a couple of weddings...and I have made one resolution...thats right just one...its a familiar one....although this time instead of simply saying i am going to make healthier choices or exercise more...I resolve to loose weight. period. I know the formula...smaller meals, dont let myself get so hungry, plan things out, keep healthy choices around myself, attend weight watchers meetings, read blogs about people who are motivators, substitute fried or fatty things for baked or fiberous things..etc, etc, etc.

I think I am going to take my new iPod (thanks again gang!) and keep the pedometer going on my pocket and load it up with fun tunes to run, skip, walk, and dance to and just move better, move more and loose weight!...starting Friday (of course).

Thanks for reading...feel free to comment if you have something positive to say...or just nod and grin. Either way I am sure you are with me on this.

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Michelle said...

Here's to a healthy and happy 2010!!