October 29, 2009

A whole lot of Crappy Shit

Where do I begin?
We found the venue we both love and can afford and they won't return my calls after I asked them to change some wording in the contract. The bay bridge is closed. My carpool is upset with me because I asked them for an increased fee to cover maintenance costs on the car. Then my tire is busted and my purse gets stolen. Oh yeah and I feel like my boss is upset with me. It's like one big shit storm...oh yeah did i mention that i was saving up for my new ipod for 6 months and it got stolen along with my purse two days after i got it? and my insurance deductable is too big to cover it?

def. not having a good week. :(

October 26, 2009

A unique proposal

Wes and I were at a local ice cream place, sitting outside enjoying the warm weather and having our treat when he looks down onto the bench his foot is perched on and says "what's that?" I take a look and this is what I see:

To further investigate Wes grabs it (it was stuck to the bench magnetically) and this is what it was:

Wes then went to put it back, afraid of what would be inside, but my curiosity got the best6 of me. I was really expecting either candy, drugs, or empty with just a magnet. Instead I saw a $2 bill and a rolled up paper which read this:

If the note wasnt there I probably would have kept the cash and called it my lucky day, but I put it all back and left it where we found it.

The next day we went by there again and it was gone....I hope Melinda said yes!

October 25, 2009


I have been working hard on the photos from Ian and Jen's wedding. I think I am almost halfway done. Here is a couple cute ones of Wes and I:

October 19, 2009


I have not been posting updates for a couple of reasons. 1)The only photos I am currently working on are from Ian and Jen's wedding. I don't even take new pictures if I can help it because I am so backlogged with photo work. 2) Until our venue and date is set I prefer not to announce wedding planning news.

Sorry if you keep checking. I will say my Mom came to visit and it was super awesome to look at venues and dresses with her, and my ste-dad is coming this weekend. I can't wait!!

The support and help we have been receiving in regards to wedding planning has been awesome!!!!

Thats all for now...