September 13, 2009

Very Very Happy

So first of all we saw a few venues today adn one we liked a lot, so thats awesome news, but even better was that we went to a big where house sale at Cycle Gear today and majorly scored. I got a new passenger helmet (originally $130) for $20! The biggest news though is that Wes got a full face helmet!!! Ever since we started dating I made it very clear how I did not like that he did not wear a full face helmet and i worry about him a lot. He was never interested and not willing to get one or wear one. I even gave up smoking!!! It always made me sad that he would not wear a full face helmet to make me feel better/safer about him riding (I ride too, but I am a gear freak). Anyway... today he bought one and said he would wear it sometimes... better than never!!! I almost felt as good as the moment he put the ring on my finger... just another thing ensuring a long future with the man i am madly in love with.


Wesley said...'s not as bad as i thought, with the big bike I'll wear it more than w/ the chopper. looks good

tiasmith123 said...

Very well stated I like it very much.
Tia Smith
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