September 13, 2009

Very Very Happy

So first of all we saw a few venues today adn one we liked a lot, so thats awesome news, but even better was that we went to a big where house sale at Cycle Gear today and majorly scored. I got a new passenger helmet (originally $130) for $20! The biggest news though is that Wes got a full face helmet!!! Ever since we started dating I made it very clear how I did not like that he did not wear a full face helmet and i worry about him a lot. He was never interested and not willing to get one or wear one. I even gave up smoking!!! It always made me sad that he would not wear a full face helmet to make me feel better/safer about him riding (I ride too, but I am a gear freak). Anyway... today he bought one and said he would wear it sometimes... better than never!!! I almost felt as good as the moment he put the ring on my finger... just another thing ensuring a long future with the man i am madly in love with.

September 11, 2009

My Fabulous Fiance

To me- this is the Epitome of Handsome...

September 10, 2009


The Chickens I can understand, but bunny, honey, you dont deserve this!

chicken mug shots

September 9, 2009

mini train world

i love the biker hang-out an the area that looks like west oakland, where we live (port of oakland)

September 6, 2009

animals that warm my heart

Too much cuteness

There was far too much cuteness at the fair.... cant stand it!

September 4, 2009

County Fair~!

Wes and I went to the Alameda County Fair in July... we rode our motorcycles there and it was a lot of fun. Just before we left we both had a good laugh at the expense of a latin cowboy with a big hat:

Can you guess which one I wanted?

Some cool rides:

September 3, 2009

Let me introduce you

to some people I heart.
This is Wes, my fiance, Heather, my soon-to-be-stedaughter and good friend, Chaltu, lovely beautiful big-bellied wife of my good buddy Fritz, adn their beautiful boy Bana.