August 25, 2009

Wedding Planning?!?!

SO I have decided that the number one most important thing to me is photography. I want an engagement session, a truly fabulous professional photographer and I am willing to change my date or venue to get the photographer I really want.

The largest problem is money. I assume the photographers require a deposit and we literally have no money right now. I am gearing up my cookie lee jewelry sales and am looking at other ways to save on bills and other things, but it's tough.

So I am gathering info, ideas and making a binder while I research photographers and think of creative and legal ways of getting more money.

I will continue to update here on the wedding plans until I get a wedding website up and running.

I can definitely say I am still on cloud 9 and am totally loving being engaged!


Jen Huff said...

If you win the lottery, go with these guys!

Michelle said...

I have an idea for a way to make some legal money...maybe you could sell some artwork on Etsy or something? I'm sure you have some great photos you could sell prints of.