August 21, 2009

I am Officially ENGAGED!!!!

I keep getting asked for the story, so here it is:
Yesterday I came home from work and it was a long week and I was PMSing and I had to sit in bad traffic coming home two days in a row. Wes has learned that when I come home the liklihood of me being cranky is pretty good, especially if I am hungry or have had to sit in bad traffic. So yesterday when I came home cranky, despite his efforts (he made dinner and had it waiting!), I was in a bad mood. After stressful traffic I just wanted to talk and relax and quiet (am I an old lady or what?) and the TV was so loud and one of my biggest pet peeves is the sound of commercials and talking over TV. We were going to sit down and eat and I did not want to be the bitch who makes him stop the show he was watching to pay attention to me, so O offer to eat in the other room so he can watch his show (i am so dramatic!). Well he let me go and that's when I broke down and reallly got upset. He turned the TV off and we talked and I got to blow off my steam and explain how I just needed a few minutes of quiet and "hi honey how was your day". But in the heat of the moment he told me how frustrated he was with my cranky moods upon arrival home. In my upset I had asked if he was doubting wanting to marry me. This is when he left the room and came back with something behind his back. He said something to the extend of putting any doubt in my mind to rest and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was a blur because I was shocked, and crying and my emo0tional health was being tested as my sad upset crying went instantly into ecstatic/excited/OMFG crying. I won't get into all the kisses and jumping up and down and phone calls that followed, but we did manage to pull a dusty mini-bottle of champagne off the shelf and toast to the moment.

This is not how Wes was planning on proposing, but he said the moment was right and I think he was right. Now if only every argument could end in beautiful jewelry and life-long promises. . . . .

With that said I am beyond happy because Wes really is my soul-mate and now he is my fiance!


mapapakh said...

Yayyyyy! So happy for you guys! Good job, Wes!

Michelle said...

Congratulations to you both! I'm am truly so happy for you!!