August 31, 2009

Dresses and Venues

This weekend We went to see our first wedding venue. We looked at the Bayside Pavilion in Alemeda. I was a little disappointed from the outside because it was so close to a busy road and not a lot of green/trees outside- and not as close to water as I would hope ... BUT ...the inside was really nice. Lots of wood and hardwood floors. REally nice layout, big kitchen, big bar, etc. They provide tables/chairs, they are available on our date and they are CHEAP! I would still need to come up with a deposit, and I wouldnt have our ceremony there ... but definitely worth a second look.

After looking at that venue with my super awesome Bridesmaid Danielle (SAB!) and my beloved Fiance, We picked up Rachael at Bart, Christine from outside my house AND DROPPED wES HOME before we made our way to David's Bridal in Pinole.

Once there we tried on some dresses!! I tried on about 7 dresses I think. I wont post the details or photos because its bad luck for wes to see, but the first one I tried on made me look like a huge marshmallow! There were 3 i liked a lot though, so it was a lot of fun.

Another decision was made as well and that was that my bridesmaids were against orange dresses! I was a little disappointed by this but i totally understand and would rather them not spend money on address they hate or feel uncomfortable for my sake. The compromise is quite nice though. We thought we could do a dark grey dress with some orange accents- I think its going to look really nice!

the dresses and venue looking was super fun, but i am keeping in check with the reality of our zero dollar budget and trying to stay grounded and remember that the possibility of putting the wedding off until we can afford it still exists. But I am still hoping for a winning lotto ticket or a really successful jewelry selling season- or who knows maybe we will win that wedding contest and get that amazing big wedding! Or maybe Nelson Rides will take off and we will make big money!?

well i said it once and I will say it again fantasizing is totally fun but as long as i get to keep wes I am happy with the outcome :)

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