August 31, 2009

Dresses and Venues

This weekend We went to see our first wedding venue. We looked at the Bayside Pavilion in Alemeda. I was a little disappointed from the outside because it was so close to a busy road and not a lot of green/trees outside- and not as close to water as I would hope ... BUT ...the inside was really nice. Lots of wood and hardwood floors. REally nice layout, big kitchen, big bar, etc. They provide tables/chairs, they are available on our date and they are CHEAP! I would still need to come up with a deposit, and I wouldnt have our ceremony there ... but definitely worth a second look.

After looking at that venue with my super awesome Bridesmaid Danielle (SAB!) and my beloved Fiance, We picked up Rachael at Bart, Christine from outside my house AND DROPPED wES HOME before we made our way to David's Bridal in Pinole.

Once there we tried on some dresses!! I tried on about 7 dresses I think. I wont post the details or photos because its bad luck for wes to see, but the first one I tried on made me look like a huge marshmallow! There were 3 i liked a lot though, so it was a lot of fun.

Another decision was made as well and that was that my bridesmaids were against orange dresses! I was a little disappointed by this but i totally understand and would rather them not spend money on address they hate or feel uncomfortable for my sake. The compromise is quite nice though. We thought we could do a dark grey dress with some orange accents- I think its going to look really nice!

the dresses and venue looking was super fun, but i am keeping in check with the reality of our zero dollar budget and trying to stay grounded and remember that the possibility of putting the wedding off until we can afford it still exists. But I am still hoping for a winning lotto ticket or a really successful jewelry selling season- or who knows maybe we will win that wedding contest and get that amazing big wedding! Or maybe Nelson Rides will take off and we will make big money!?

well i said it once and I will say it again fantasizing is totally fun but as long as i get to keep wes I am happy with the outcome :)

August 28, 2009

So much fun . . . so broke

It really sucks when you are very broke and trying to be a blushing bride-to-be. I am so excited and even very optimistic about my abilities to stretch a dollar and be creative. My expectations of my wedding are very high because I am focusing on the love, the attention, my family and other non-monetary wonderful things. But cash-requiring items keep popping up. While I look at photographers and wonder how I might afford a deposit on one I know we need to start looking at venues too. Then today a friend recommended a class that teaches you how to do all your invites, programs and stationary yourself- brilliant .. but $35??? Then of course there is a baby shower this weekend. There is nothing funner than baby gift shopping! And I am overdue one one wedding gift, and have my brother's wedding next month! Oh boy and I excited for that too!!!! There is no such thing as too much good stuff,right?

Stay tuned!

August 25, 2009

Wedding Planning?!?!

SO I have decided that the number one most important thing to me is photography. I want an engagement session, a truly fabulous professional photographer and I am willing to change my date or venue to get the photographer I really want.

The largest problem is money. I assume the photographers require a deposit and we literally have no money right now. I am gearing up my cookie lee jewelry sales and am looking at other ways to save on bills and other things, but it's tough.

So I am gathering info, ideas and making a binder while I research photographers and think of creative and legal ways of getting more money.

I will continue to update here on the wedding plans until I get a wedding website up and running.

I can definitely say I am still on cloud 9 and am totally loving being engaged!

August 21, 2009

I am Officially ENGAGED!!!!

I keep getting asked for the story, so here it is:
Yesterday I came home from work and it was a long week and I was PMSing and I had to sit in bad traffic coming home two days in a row. Wes has learned that when I come home the liklihood of me being cranky is pretty good, especially if I am hungry or have had to sit in bad traffic. So yesterday when I came home cranky, despite his efforts (he made dinner and had it waiting!), I was in a bad mood. After stressful traffic I just wanted to talk and relax and quiet (am I an old lady or what?) and the TV was so loud and one of my biggest pet peeves is the sound of commercials and talking over TV. We were going to sit down and eat and I did not want to be the bitch who makes him stop the show he was watching to pay attention to me, so O offer to eat in the other room so he can watch his show (i am so dramatic!). Well he let me go and that's when I broke down and reallly got upset. He turned the TV off and we talked and I got to blow off my steam and explain how I just needed a few minutes of quiet and "hi honey how was your day". But in the heat of the moment he told me how frustrated he was with my cranky moods upon arrival home. In my upset I had asked if he was doubting wanting to marry me. This is when he left the room and came back with something behind his back. He said something to the extend of putting any doubt in my mind to rest and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was a blur because I was shocked, and crying and my emo0tional health was being tested as my sad upset crying went instantly into ecstatic/excited/OMFG crying. I won't get into all the kisses and jumping up and down and phone calls that followed, but we did manage to pull a dusty mini-bottle of champagne off the shelf and toast to the moment.

This is not how Wes was planning on proposing, but he said the moment was right and I think he was right. Now if only every argument could end in beautiful jewelry and life-long promises. . . . .

With that said I am beyond happy because Wes really is my soul-mate and now he is my fiance!

August 17, 2009

Another favorite family photo

I think this photo might have been taken at my mom and dad's wedding. I did not exsist yet, but my other half siblings were very 70s, and this photo says it all:


I came into work this morning to find a pile of chips under my desk.
Exhibit A:

Only after a second did I realize what had happened. I had four boxes of chips under my desk (I ordered snacks for staff who are working late tonight). The chips were sealed in their bags, sealed again in a cardboard box ..I was more confused when I inspected the boxes to find that there were no holes in them. So I cit the tape and looked inside. Exhibit B and C:

Looks like they cleverly slipped through the grip holes in the box! And they had a taste of almost every variety!

August 14, 2009

Another before and after

I think this is a photo from my mother's first wedding (to my dad).
its real old and washed out and damaged but i had it scanned cause my mom looks pretty. remember when it was cool to make photos glowy?


August 12, 2009

Baby Jess

So Wes gives me a hard time when I am "overconfident" but I was a damn cute baby and I am not afraid to say so. This is my favorite photo of me as a child. I had fun with it in photoshop. Which version do you like the best? (Leave comments)

Original Scan:

My fixes:


Soft and faded:

Black &White:

before and after

baby wes before i retouched/photoshopped:

baby wes after:

70s, 90s, and today (more old photos)

My half-sister, half-brother, mom and fraternal grandmother.. . . in the 70s:

Mom, grandma, and me in the early 90s:

Heather a couple years ago:

August 10, 2009

More Old pics

How cute is my brother in this photo?

I liked swings too (still do!):

Mommy and Me:

OK now this photo I absolutely LOVE . . . my dad is the kid in the overalls, with his brother and parents:

Is that me?

I guess I was a cute Baby

My oldest sister and me:

My sister, Left, me, Mom, and a family friend:

Viva Las Vegas!

August 7, 2009

weird rash

this has probably happened to me 2 or 3 times ever . . . but i got this weird rash on my arm. it doesnt itch or anything and it goes away after a day or so. . . . strange, huh?

New Helmet!

Its pretty cool


She is growing into such a beautiful young woman . . . .but dying that beautiful sunshine orange hair black . . . and the huge jingle bell around her neck I just do not understand!

Laying on the grass

One of my favorite things to do is lay on grass on a warm day. We went to the park on our motorcycles and did this on July 4:

The faces behind the fireworks

Alicia shows us what not to do with THIS Grand Latte:

Danielle, Alicia and me:

Jess and Wes:

August 6, 2009

More Sparkly Fun

Mickey Mouse:

This looks to me like fire:



August 3, 2009


Not so wise choice in fireworks title: