July 31, 2009

Vegas Baby, Vegas

After a couple birthday celebrations the fun didn't end because my sister and I hopped on a plane to Vegas!

The view from the window of our room at the Bellagio:


More Birthday Fun

Everyone wanted a photo with my new boyfriend. This is my friend Maral:

Here is me, Edward and my Dad, Darwin with the monkey cake!:

This is McTrish . . sometimes I call her McBoo . . she is one of my favorite people ever:

I am lucky and work with some beautiful and fabulous admins that take me out to lunch on my birthday:

July 30, 2009

Bad hair and Birthday Friends

It was windy on the roof at work!

July 28, 2009

Gross Things

On my birthday we got a Platinum Tour at my work. We got to go into the Project Lab where there was some taxidermy going on . . . and it's no tax party, let me tell you!

July 23, 2009

The Bike - PAINT!

Wes did an AWESOME job painting my bike my favorite color- with flames!!

July 20, 2009

The Team

I arranged a team-building day at work for my boss and her direct reports . .. we got a tour of the Giants baseball stadium and then had lunch and saw a game. Look what they did for us:

July 14, 2009


They have cool dive shows in the coral reef tank at work

July 13, 2009


There was a display of human heads . . . a couple looked suspiciously like my sister and nephew

Family Visit Continued

After seeing gross things in jars we got to see the tortoise collection. . . a whole room of preserved tortoises!

June 21

My nephew and Sister were visiting me and I took them to the museum/aquarium I work at. We saw Claude, the albino alligator, and we got a special tour of some of our collections (behind-th-scenes) and saw some creepy and gross things in jars:

July 10, 2009


Our favorite character for the weekend . . .love her foster farms chicken!

July 9, 2009


Yepp . . It's my own fault for bringing a sofa to the show ,. . . . sure enough the nap and the sofa will collide as they are meant to:

The man.. . and the Bike

July 8, 2009



I don't remember where or when I took these shots, but it must have been on the way home from the show . . . .beautiful .. . .

Bike Poses

At the Annual Motorcycle Expo there was a contest for best Custom Bikes . . .. I liked how people posed with their bikes and trophies (or had their kids pose):

Of course here is my favorite . .. . should have been first place, but the second place winner . . . a beauty by none other than Wesley Oates!:

July 6, 2009

More of the Booth

First Peak!

First couple of shots of the Annual Motorcycle Expo as we were setting up:

New Tires for the Bike

I sprung for the much needed new tires for the bike . . . aren't they pretty?