June 25, 2009

Awesome Birthday SO Far

I cannot believe what a great birthday I am having so far. Ecards from family, gift cards from my BF and BFFs (I will get my iPodTouch soon!), Beautiful redesign of my motorcycle, potted flowers, cards, gambling money, fruit, Las Vegas, BBQ, candy, nice meals, ice cream, earrings and Edward Cullen! I mean does it get any better? How am I going to top this next year for the big 3-0??

June 23, 2009

Car Stickers

I told Wes I would not put a Harley sticker on my car unless I owned a Harley . . . so after I took home the Sportster we made a special trip to HD to get me a sticker for my car.

Silly Cat

Beautiful Cat

More work on Bike

Wes installs the sissy bar and I put a sticker on the tank:

June 22, 2009


So some months ago I came home to a thick layer of dirt on my driveway , stairs and entryway due to work being done on the house next door. I also at some point got a slow leak in my tire due to roofing nails all over my driveway and entry - thanks to re roofing on the same house next door. I took photos just in case:

Lcukily they did pay for a new tire and clean the entry and driveway ,. . . .but some damage still exsists and I hope they repaint the stairs and railing! What a pain!

June 17, 2009

Bike Update #2

After Wes make the fabulous front fender upgrade he got me new handlebars! They are black and bigger and more comfortable! He also lowered the turn signals. CHeck it out:

First Change

The first change to my bike - BIGGER front fender!!!