April 28, 2009

Cool Lamp

my sister converted a ceiling lamp into a floor lamp - i love it!

April 27, 2009

Hates it

He hates it when I take himt o the vet

Of Course

Of course Mister has his moments too . . . .

Max the Cat

I am just smitten for my roommates kitten. . . . . how can you not love this character??

Giving Blood and Bruising

About once a year they hold a blood drive at my work. I usually participate for the free cookies and feeling of good will towards people in need of blood. But after they jammed a needle in my left arm they realized that it was barely dripping out of me and decided to try my right arm. Apparantly its hard to find a good vein so with the right arm they tied the band super tight and had me squeeze the hell out of that ball . . . i actually squirted blood all over the nurse . . but after that it came out quick adn I filled the necessary bag. . . but even a week later both arms had bruises:

Take your Daughters and/or Sons to Work Day

Last Thursday I took HEather to work with me for annual "take your daughters/sons to work day'. My work had a whole day of educational and fun activities lined up with specialists in science and education. I would like to think she learned more one day at my work than at her school, but I don't know. The highlights for me were the astronomy talk and the 3D bugs movie. But the shark dissection was pretty cool too. I did not bring my camera but I think the photo below captures Heather's feelings about the dissection very well:

April 26, 2009

Strange things

So as you know I went to an automobile museum back in February . . . and not only did I see cars, but this storybook view . . . . and of all things . . . . a wheelchair museum?!?!?

April 19, 2009


SO one day in February I got it in my head for Wes and I to go to the Blackhawk Auto museum, since I have never been (I think he hadn't either). It turned out to be in a very pretty mall/park with a weird lake with sculptures . . . check it out:

April 15, 2009


Have I already shared the beautiful flowers from ProFlowers that Wes had delivered for me on Valentines day?
They come fresh so they are still buds . . here is the progression:

How Many can we fit?

So . . .not 11,980 . . . but only 11,979 people can fit in the cow palace during a circus . . . . good to know!

April 13, 2009

Creepy Fake Child

Has anyone ever seen these? Fake hide-and-seek doll children . . . so weird . . . . so creepy

April 6, 2009

Cotsco and my Camera

So for those who do not know ...back at the end of January I was surprised with a rather large tax return and decided to treat myself to something I have been wanting- lusting after for a very very very long time. A digital SLR camera. Nikon was my first choice as I have always used Nikon cameras and after much research I decided to spring for the D90. Costco had an amazing deal on a kit that includes two lenses, a great bag, memory card and a few other bonus items. It was something like this but nicer bag and a couple other small differences:

ANyway ..I have been enjoying this camera very much and slowly learning how to use it when I misplaced the manual. I finally gave up looking for it and ordered a new manual off ebay. When it came last week I sat down and began playing with the features as I followed the "lessons"in the manual. After checking out one thing or another I tried to take a photo and it would not record to the memory card, then I tried to use the "live view" feature and that wouldnt work at all. I combed the book for a cure and tried several things I could thing of but the camera would no longer take a photo. SO I went on to the website and could not find anything there either. I googled the problem- nothing. I sent an email to nikon and went to bed. Last Thursday I woke up and took the camera to work to show a friend at work who might know. No idea. I called Nikon and they walked me through the same steps I already tried then suggested I send it in under the manufacturers warranty. I decided to try costco first. Right after work I went home adn prayed I had filed the receipt away safely. Sure enough I did. I went directly to Costco and waited for the technician t come check out the camera and sure enough it was broken. They said they would take it back for refund ..but I wanted ane xchange ..oh but they were sold out of these. Damnit. I asked where else they are in stock. Nowhere I had even heard of. Then I asked them to check southern california cotscos, since I was driving down on Friday. Sure enough the San Juan COstco had ten in stock. As I left the Richmond COstco with my broken camera (and broken heart) I decided to call the san juan costco tp double check. Sure enough a super nice lady even physically checked and told me she sees two of them and the rest are probably in the vault. SO I waited. We got off to a late start for our road trip Friday and were finally hitting the freeway at about 130pm. We had to drive fast and not stop to make it to san juan costco before they closed. We went through one drive through adn ate in the car ..we got to LA before we really needed gas and had to do a quick "splash and go" in order to make it ...thank GOD for the toll road because we made it to San Juan by 8pm (they close at 830). With wobbly legs and empty stomaches I clutched my broken camera and went to the return desk. They didnt even check the functionality this time before handing me a "costco cash card" with my $1400 plus tax on it and sent me to the register to get a new one. Everything went smooth, but I had an uneasy feeling. I went to the merchandise pick-up deks and was asked to wait. A few minutes turned into an hour and a half before they admitted defeat. They misplaced all ten D90s. After 90 minutes of 5 staff members looking they could not find one and sent me home again with the loaded cash card. Now all that I have of my dream camera is a 3 inch by 2 inch peice of plastic and an empty promise that another costco nearby has 3 in stock. The next morning I felt hopeful and managed to walk in and out of the crown valley costco with my brand new D90! The battery charged surprisingly fast and everything in the world is right again.

Lesson of this story is .....well no lesson really its just a funny story about a girl and a broken camera.