March 2, 2009

Wes' Talent

As you know my fabulous boyfriend is a custom cabinet maker. I am lucky enough to own two pieces he has made. Today I will talk about the stand he made me. One day I was complaining about how I never wear the jewelry I sell. I do not "model" it because it is always snugly put in this luggage case I have for it and taking every tray out to look at it all and then put it back would be a royal and messy pain in the butt. So Wes asked about the size of the trays. I gave him an empty one and sure enough not even a week or so later he comes home late from work with this beautiful piece of furniture! He made this "thing" that has two drawers that pull out and can hold four or more stacked trays each of the jewelry and under it is a space for other misc, storage . . I use it to hide my dirty laundry! I put my bracelets on top with my mirror and voila! a custom jewelry storage solution! I absolutely LOVE it and wear my jewelry every day now . . . actually it's my "inventory" all the pieces are for sale and remain with their tags waiting for a special home, but I do "model" the jewelry more often now and I love it! Isn't Wes just the best more creative special talented man EVER???? Look at the detail on the side- sooo pretty!


michelle said...

That is so nice! That's a great way to be able to organize all your jewelry!

Wesley said...

Thanks love!!

Maral said...

Ooohh! I've always wanted a jewelry box. Can Wes do smaller pieces?