March 17, 2009

Corned Beef and Me

Hi there . . . I know it's been mostly photo posts lately, but that's what I have been up to . . .a lot of photo-taking! Plus I take photos of whats happening and tell about whats going on that way. But I had a special request yesterday to write about corned beef, and what better day than today, St. Patty's, to do so.

So on my first search I find that corned beef refers to two different kinds of meat, a canned meat and a prepared meat. Lets leave the canned meat for the spam lovers and talk about corned beef prepared. There is no corn actually involved in making it- just salt. I know thats what I said- why dont they call it salted beef, or brined beef then? Cause people are crazy and want to confuse you thats why.

Further into my extensive research (reading the wikipedia page on corned beef) I find that the tradition of eating corned beef and cabbage on St patricks day is silly because irish people dont even eat corned beef. I guess irish immigrants in the US in the 1800s ate it cause they could not afford/find/get bacon. In fact it was the american jews that taught them all about corned beef . . . so, in conclusion . . . when I eat corned beef today (for the first time) I will not be celebrating whatever it is the Irish are happy about today, but I will be paying homage to my jewish american roots. I will think of my grandparents that came here from russia and saw how sad the irish were without their bacon and showed them all about the salty beef. AMEN!

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Sophia said...

...quite possibly the most random blog post I've EVER read. I'm amused and thank whoever asked you to write this.