March 4, 2009

Blue Screen fo Death

SO I have been complaining about my computer at work for a long time now ...its so effing slow and I always have to wait and it freezes a lot and its not a mac, etc. I also have been asking for a Microsoft office upgrade for a year and a half. My last job (a year and a half ago) I used office 2007. Then I came here and was using 2001 again- grrr. They said they had the software when I started, but would wait until we moved (in the summer) to upgrade everyone- grrr again. Well summer came and went it is a year and a half alter and after much much begin yesterday they upgraded me! Yes my crappy slow computer finally got Office 2007. And i barely had enough time to set my options and change my color scheme before I got the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!

It looked something like that.
I called the IT director over (she sits near me) and she said "That's the BLue Screen of DEATH!" She had me call the helpdesk adn I waited forever before he finally said it could not be saved. Now normally I would rejoice because this would mean a NEW COMPUTER!! But we are in talks with apple for them to donate macs ...of course my computer could not hang in long enough for us to get the Macs and so I am using the EAs shared laptop all jimmy-rigged to my monitor and keyboard, taking up way too much space on my desk ...pretty soon they will give me someone's old half-dead computer for me to use until the Macs come in ....oh and the laptop is running Office 2001. And I HATE laptops. This is not my day for technology.

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