March 27, 2009

Bloggy Time`

So lately I am less into blogging based on thoughts in my head or activities in my life and more on photos I am processing from my camera. I have this pretty strict method of processing my photos, and I insist on processing them from least recent to most recent (otherwise how would I ever get around to those older ones, right?) So I will be constantly blogging from the past. . . oh well.

OK I was going to post photos from valentines day . . .but Mister (cat) just barfed . . . again. See he had been barfing every few days or so for weeks so we took him to the vet who said we could pay for a bunch of expensive tests or we could try feeding the two cats separately and give him wet food or watered down dry food and feed him smaller amounts throughout the day. So I went home, set up separate feeding areas behind closed doors and I watered down the dry food, fed him alone and in small amounts. No good- he still barfed (well technically he is regurgitating) so then we got wet food. I chose the highest in protein and lowest in carbs from the store, but I didn't want the mess of cans so I got Whiskies pouches. It's like crack. He goes NUTS for it. It s really annoying how he is always yelling for food. We did good for about a week of feeding him tiny amounts of the wet food- then he barfed again! We then made his portions even smaller and waited at least 20 minutes before giving him more . . and he JUST barfed again. As much as I do not want to throw down $200 for another vet visit and a bunch of tests, which will probably just lead to him having to get some expensive procedure or medication . . I love thew damn thing. I love it so super much it shouldnt be right or natural for a person to love a furball this much. so today I will make an appointment and torture Mister with the cat carrier again and take money out of the harley fund (sob) but at least I will know that I did everything I could to make sure my best furry friend was not ill and will be okay.

With that I leave you with some Mister Pictures.

March 23, 2009

March 17, 2009

Corned Beef and Me

Hi there . . . I know it's been mostly photo posts lately, but that's what I have been up to . . .a lot of photo-taking! Plus I take photos of whats happening and tell about whats going on that way. But I had a special request yesterday to write about corned beef, and what better day than today, St. Patty's, to do so.

So on my first search I find that corned beef refers to two different kinds of meat, a canned meat and a prepared meat. Lets leave the canned meat for the spam lovers and talk about corned beef prepared. There is no corn actually involved in making it- just salt. I know thats what I said- why dont they call it salted beef, or brined beef then? Cause people are crazy and want to confuse you thats why.

Further into my extensive research (reading the wikipedia page on corned beef) I find that the tradition of eating corned beef and cabbage on St patricks day is silly because irish people dont even eat corned beef. I guess irish immigrants in the US in the 1800s ate it cause they could not afford/find/get bacon. In fact it was the american jews that taught them all about corned beef . . . so, in conclusion . . . when I eat corned beef today (for the first time) I will not be celebrating whatever it is the Irish are happy about today, but I will be paying homage to my jewish american roots. I will think of my grandparents that came here from russia and saw how sad the irish were without their bacon and showed them all about the salty beef. AMEN!

March 12, 2009

My boyfriend can sew

That's right, it's one of the many things I love about him. He is definitely a sports-loving, car-building, motorcycle-riding, tattoo-sporting MAN . .. . but he can sew too. He has this old sewing machine, but it was broken. So he had it fixed and taught me (who has never touched a sewing machine in my life) how to use it. Its very old and very heavy, but it works!

March 7, 2009

Comma Comma Chameleon

At first the chameleon is hard to see so I made a couple subtle changes in photoshop .. . .

March 4, 2009

Blue Screen fo Death

SO I have been complaining about my computer at work for a long time now ...its so effing slow and I always have to wait and it freezes a lot and its not a mac, etc. I also have been asking for a Microsoft office upgrade for a year and a half. My last job (a year and a half ago) I used office 2007. Then I came here and was using 2001 again- grrr. They said they had the software when I started, but would wait until we moved (in the summer) to upgrade everyone- grrr again. Well summer came and went it is a year and a half alter and after much much begin yesterday they upgraded me! Yes my crappy slow computer finally got Office 2007. And i barely had enough time to set my options and change my color scheme before I got the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!

It looked something like that.
I called the IT director over (she sits near me) and she said "That's the BLue Screen of DEATH!" She had me call the helpdesk adn I waited forever before he finally said it could not be saved. Now normally I would rejoice because this would mean a NEW COMPUTER!! But we are in talks with apple for them to donate macs ...of course my computer could not hang in long enough for us to get the Macs and so I am using the EAs shared laptop all jimmy-rigged to my monitor and keyboard, taking up way too much space on my desk ...pretty soon they will give me someone's old half-dead computer for me to use until the Macs come in ....oh and the laptop is running Office 2001. And I HATE laptops. This is not my day for technology.

March 2, 2009

Wes' Talent

As you know my fabulous boyfriend is a custom cabinet maker. I am lucky enough to own two pieces he has made. Today I will talk about the stand he made me. One day I was complaining about how I never wear the jewelry I sell. I do not "model" it because it is always snugly put in this luggage case I have for it and taking every tray out to look at it all and then put it back would be a royal and messy pain in the butt. So Wes asked about the size of the trays. I gave him an empty one and sure enough not even a week or so later he comes home late from work with this beautiful piece of furniture! He made this "thing" that has two drawers that pull out and can hold four or more stacked trays each of the jewelry and under it is a space for other misc, storage . . I use it to hide my dirty laundry! I put my bracelets on top with my mirror and voila! a custom jewelry storage solution! I absolutely LOVE it and wear my jewelry every day now . . . actually it's my "inventory" all the pieces are for sale and remain with their tags waiting for a special home, but I do "model" the jewelry more often now and I love it! Isn't Wes just the best more creative special talented man EVER???? Look at the detail on the side- sooo pretty!