February 9, 2009

Resume Tips

So I am a self-proclaimed resume expert and I wanted to throw out some tips since most of you are looking for a job.
-Hiring managers and recruiters are looking at thousands of resume- make yours stand out!!!! Be creative.
-Do not put an objective. Everyone knows your objective is to get a job.
-Have your resume match the position you're applying for as much as possible. So if you want to be a flight attendant, but only have experience as a dog-walker- mention that you always meet the needs of a customer or client and you believe being prompt and put-together are important. Get it?
-Keep it to one page.
-Don't be afraid to use a different font or color- even if just for your name- see first point.
-Be succinct
-Spell check- yes some people forget
-pdf it- everyone has a different version of word and different fonts and default settings- make sure they see it how you intended. send a pdf!

Here is my resume as an example- feel free to give me tips too! (please note I am NOT looking for a job- I love my job)

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