February 28, 2009


My creative photoshop interpretation of the C-Monster:

February 22, 2009

Cold Babies

Will someone please help the cold stone babies???

February 21, 2009

Here is another one - How Morbid am I?

Either the girl was murdered brutally and she just had her pet bird to comfort her (see the dried blood-turned-rust?) before a witch turned her to stone OR It was the bird that did her in and she is trying to strangle him as she turns immortal in stone.

Wedding Site Charms

The site really is lovely, nestled into the hills of farms, beautiful trees, and . . . creepy statues

On closer inspection, it makes me think a young person in the olden days was beheaded and turned to stone and someone who loved him put the head back on and put flowers in his basket . . . . .

Silly Friends

As I get to know Wes' Step-Brother and BFF Ian and his Fiance Jen more, I just adore them. As you know, they took us to see their wedding site and they got silly in the fountain . . . .

Caption Suggestions?

What do you think would be a good caption for this photo?

February 20, 2009


These Statues are at the site of Ian and Jen's wedding:

February 18, 2009


Leah made these paper stars for Haydee and Matt's wedding and I got to take one home. Orange is my favorite color and I draped it over the track of lights over our bed. I love it:

I don't know if it's Wes' love of baseball or his need to feel protected, but sometimes he lays in bed holding his baseball bat:

I love his man hand resting on the bear:

February 16, 2009


They still exist! AND its cheaper to call mexico than your next door neighbor:

I was in an artistic Mood

I was in an artistic mood when I took this picture, and when I photoshopped it . . . .

Beautiful Nin

Heatherlynn stays with us friday nights and she is all kinds of beautiful and cuddly cute (for a teenager anyway)

Wait a second . . . . . that is not cute :

February 15, 2009

Having Fun

My first night with the camera my only real subjects were the cats and the boyfriend. The cats didnt seem to mind, but the boyfriend got a little annoyed.

How awesome is this?

Okay I know this wasnt supposed to be a photo blog- but deal with it.

How awesome is my new camera . . . have you ever taken a photo of your TV screen and have it look this clear?

can you guess what we were watching?

New Camera New Glasses

I finally finished processing all the photos from the holidays and from my "old" camera. That's right with my tax return I bought the camera of my dreams. My first couple of photos I took of Wes . . . to show off the new glasses I got him for Christmas- pretty sexy, huh?


Did I ever tell you about my cat and his trick?
He plays fetch- Like a dog.

Talented Boyfriend

My boyfriend is very talented. See, welding is a bit of a hobby for him along with his general gear-headedness and one day he decided we needed extra security for the garage. So he made these cools bars to cover the window:

Speaking of Cute Kids , , ,

My buddy Fritz who I do not see often, but remains a special person to me has the most beautiful little boy. FIrst he scored this awesome lady and married her and now they have the most precious little boy. He didnt smile for the camera extactly, but amazing face, right?

Papa and Son:

Guess the not looking at the camera thing is not from dad:

Cute Kids

My cousin Jen has the cutest kids. SHe sent me this photo- I cropped and did a couple color things to it, but what a great shot. Is that sibling love or what?

Before the Tree went away

Before the christmas tree went away I took a few more photos. Here is a couple of my favorite ornaments:

And here is the tree . . . I added bows and garland.

Love it

I dont know why but I really love this photo

New Years Eve

Moving right along on my holiday photo timeline . . here are some shots from NYE:

Some of the couples of the evening: