January 12, 2009


Well its been three days of tracking and so far I am on-point. It was three days of weekend AND eating out too.

So far my Victories:
-Went to Chilis and managed to order off the "healthy" menu AND didnt finish the meal
-Went to the movies twice- first time I brought my own 100-calorie snacks, second time I saved the points for the popcorn (unbuttered)
-Went to a cafe and asked for tomato instead of hashbrowns with my tomato omlette
-Jogged a mile Saturday
-Resisted snacking

trust me its been tough ......as I write this i realize im hungry- but it's lunchtime, which brings me to my next victory- I made and brought my lunch to work!

Thanks for reading :)

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Michelle said...

Weekends are always the hardest for me, but it looks like you've planning and keeping yourself on track! Every little bit helps!