January 9, 2009

Not Nervous

SO I have been having a lot of lasts lately ...not really lasts, but I haven been having some of my favorite foods and a few special binges with the impending diet in mind. Like I have been telling myself I will not do this again for a long time and to savor it. Today is the first day of a new session of Weight Watchers and I really plan on making a much bigger effort and taking it very seriously so expect to see me write more about diet stuff on here.

I am going to try to do some excersize tonight too. It may be just cleaning the house (because it needs it) but if not, I will do a video. ANd I hope to go jogging tomorrow too. I already have my dinner planned. I am going to make boneless, skinless chicken on the indoor grill with brown rice and some greens of sort sort.

Tomorrow I will ahve to stock up on more fruit, salad stuff and low-cal snacks.
I kind of strangely hope my weigh-in today is a super high number because then my overall weight-loss success can potentially be more dramatic, LOL- thats weird to say, huh?

Anyway .....In other news I got Adobe Master Suite (at a large discount)thanks to a friend on the inside and I am already having fun playing around with it and learning more photshop tricks. Here is my favorite one so far, it's a photo I took of Wes' bike:

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