December 4, 2008

What's New???

Well Thanksigiving week was fabulous. Just the right mix of family, friends, fun and relaxation. Throw in a little bit of traffic and not enough shopping, but hey still prety awesome. COming back to work after a break like that is tough, but I am doing pretty well. I mean hey it's just about Friday, right?

Alicia is moving her things in very slowly, but we look forward to when she is settled in and we get to know her.

We still miss Sophia though, she has yet to stop by and say hi (and pick up some remaining items and security deposit) but I am sure when she gets a chance she will give us a ring.

Mister is still restless and lonely without his BFF, but I just remind him that he has new friends coming soon.

I must say I am loving the holiday season- it never gets old!

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