December 12, 2008

Sick Timeline

Tuesday shortly before bed - beginnings of a sore throat, some mild dull pain
Wednesday morning - dull pain persists, obvious swelling and puffiness when looking down my throat (flashlight/mirror)
Wednesday late morning - Sneeze, dull pain turns into sharp pain, throat drops must now stay in mouth to prevent sharp throat pain.
Wednesday afternoon - Sniffling begins
Wednesday late afternoon - must carry tissues to meeting, very watery clear snot
Wednesday Evening - Sinus pressure headache begins, more snot, throat still hurts. I drink hot lemonade like Rachael told me to and that helps a little, Wes runs to store for more tissues and throat drops.
Wednesday night - took nighttime cough medicine, which doesnt last very long and I am only able to sleep in short increments. I call/e-mail in sick for Thursday. I somehow make it through the night, but it was pretty miserable. Mucas is now yellow.
Thursday morning and most of the day - watched a lot of TV, blew my nose a million times, headache and snot persistant, very miserable
Thursday afgternoon - nighttime cough medciine allows me to take a na, still miserable, still have pressure headache.
Thursday evening - Start to feel better, headache went away, sniffling less, I decide to go to work Friday.
Thursday night - all symptoms come back fierce evening is very interrupted and miserable. lots of chills and sweats. I think it was 3am that I decide to go on a hunt for old medicine for sinus- I found one single nighttime sinus pill and take it. I call/email in sick for Friday.
Friday morning - Sleep well from 4am until 11am. Wake up feeling better. blow some more yellow snot out of my chest and head. gross. headache seems gone, cough and mucus persists. This is the first time I feel okay sitting upright at the computer. I remain hopeful and optimistic that I am on the mend.

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Michelle W. said...

Oh Jessy! I hope you are feeling better soon! I have missed chatting with ya. Get well!!