December 31, 2008

Time to Reflect?

Well last day of 2008 so I guess it's a blogger's duty to reflect. Wow- what a year. I already had the perfect boyfriend, but I will be damned if he did not get even more perfecter. Yes- he is a better boyfriend and I have fallen More in love. Every day I thank my stars to have him in my life. I am truly blessed in the love department.

As for my weight loss journey, well I manager to lose over 25lbs and gain it back. I don't feel good about it, but now, for the first time I know I can do it and in 2009 it will be my one and only goal to do it again and take it further.

I feel like I maintained friendships and became closer with some family members.

I have family members and friends get married and get engaged.

I played a part in the opening of a world class museum and love my job.

I learned how to change my own oil and am fully recovered physically from my motorcycle accidents- in fact i desperately miss riding.

I worked with Brian to create a line of plus size women's motorcycle gear- which will launch officially in 2009 sometime.

I started a side jewelry business selling Cookie Lee Jewelry. Super fun and cute jewels!

got a new roommate and new kitty roommate who are awesome so far.

boy what more could a girl want? it was a good year for me personally and i cant wait to see what 2009 will bring!

Thanks for reading my blog and happy new year

December 24, 2008

Okay for REELZ

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Wes and Gary Coleman too!

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Yes we Dance!

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Elf This!

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So I went to the International Motorcycle Show last weekend with Wes and got really excited about riding again. Don't worry- I promised myself no more commuting! I want to ride for recreation on summer weekends in groups or with my honey. But there is no way I can afford a motorcycle on my own right now.

So I have decided to tap into the generosity of the internet world. Meaning- YOU.
Wether it's $2 or $200 help me get closer to riding by donating to the "Get Jessy back on Two Wheels" fund:

Click there to donate.
If you help out I promise to always wear lots of gear, make and sell women's protective gear through Nelson Rides, represent women and motorcycling in a positive way and love you forever.
Here it is again:

December 19, 2008

YouTube Videos I am watching right now

I Heart Xmas too


Gavin at my work:


December 13, 2008

Sophia, Not Forgotten

Sophia finally stopped by this past Friday (yesterday) and it wasn't weird at all, except she didnt plop on the couch with us and Lunesta wasnt with her. She actually requested a blog post . . . so here it is. She is letting us keep the fruit basket hangy thing, which I LOVE and the thing that stacks the spices in the cabinet. We will take good care of these things and think fondly of sophizzle when we use them. I totally forgot one thing though- There are carious items in the fridge and freezer that she forgot. Oh well- an excuse to come back! Plus we have more mail for her too.

Below I put the photo of our dear former roommate (yet still current friend) having dessert for dinner one of the last nights of our roommate union.

December 12, 2008

Sick Timeline

Tuesday shortly before bed - beginnings of a sore throat, some mild dull pain
Wednesday morning - dull pain persists, obvious swelling and puffiness when looking down my throat (flashlight/mirror)
Wednesday late morning - Sneeze, dull pain turns into sharp pain, throat drops must now stay in mouth to prevent sharp throat pain.
Wednesday afternoon - Sniffling begins
Wednesday late afternoon - must carry tissues to meeting, very watery clear snot
Wednesday Evening - Sinus pressure headache begins, more snot, throat still hurts. I drink hot lemonade like Rachael told me to and that helps a little, Wes runs to store for more tissues and throat drops.
Wednesday night - took nighttime cough medicine, which doesnt last very long and I am only able to sleep in short increments. I call/e-mail in sick for Thursday. I somehow make it through the night, but it was pretty miserable. Mucas is now yellow.
Thursday morning and most of the day - watched a lot of TV, blew my nose a million times, headache and snot persistant, very miserable
Thursday afgternoon - nighttime cough medciine allows me to take a na, still miserable, still have pressure headache.
Thursday evening - Start to feel better, headache went away, sniffling less, I decide to go to work Friday.
Thursday night - all symptoms come back fierce evening is very interrupted and miserable. lots of chills and sweats. I think it was 3am that I decide to go on a hunt for old medicine for sinus- I found one single nighttime sinus pill and take it. I call/email in sick for Friday.
Friday morning - Sleep well from 4am until 11am. Wake up feeling better. blow some more yellow snot out of my chest and head. gross. headache seems gone, cough and mucus persists. This is the first time I feel okay sitting upright at the computer. I remain hopeful and optimistic that I am on the mend.

December 11, 2008

Stupid head cold

being sick sucks balls

December 9, 2008

Shrimp Stuffing???

I thought it would be fun a while back to do a cooking project with the kiddo, but she was interested in experimenting on her own. Here is what she came up with: Shrimp stuffing - blech! Well to be fair I dont like shrimp and not a huge stuffing fan, but she liked it!

December 7, 2008

Rob Schneider

So again, I am catching up on old stuff here b/c I am just now getting around to uploading some photos.
Aside from the excitement of opening weekend at the academy I went to a giant's game that weekend and afterwards look who we ran into:

Remembering Sophia

A homage to our former Roommate (who just lives somewhere else now)

One of the things some people might find annoying, but we found endearing . . . how when she left after a meal all of the cabinet doors and dishwasher door would be left open- wide open like a ghost was leaving us a message. We will miss this. It was cute.

Coach Bag

A long time ago I blogged about my new coach bag and raved about it and I have used it every day since I got it. It's my favorite bag of all time. Anyway I finally got around to getting a photo of it off the net so you can see how cute it is.

December 4, 2008

What's New???

Well Thanksigiving week was fabulous. Just the right mix of family, friends, fun and relaxation. Throw in a little bit of traffic and not enough shopping, but hey still prety awesome. COming back to work after a break like that is tough, but I am doing pretty well. I mean hey it's just about Friday, right?

Alicia is moving her things in very slowly, but we look forward to when she is settled in and we get to know her.

We still miss Sophia though, she has yet to stop by and say hi (and pick up some remaining items and security deposit) but I am sure when she gets a chance she will give us a ring.

Mister is still restless and lonely without his BFF, but I just remind him that he has new friends coming soon.

I must say I am loving the holiday season- it never gets old!