November 7, 2008


Well my doc said my good cholesterol is low and my triglicerides are a tad high. She said nothing to worry about too much as long as I continue to excersize. And excersize I did. I went jogging last weekend at the park, then i did the jackie workout on comcast excersize tv and last night I did the biggest loser excersize video which totally kicked my ass. I think tonight iwill mend and repair and saturday i will jog again. i really like those biggest loser videos. I put them (amung other things) on my amazon wish list. In case you want to buy me something, LOL.

We have no roommate this month, so im short on cash, but i might buy them for Xmas.

wishlist here:

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michelle said...

The other day I was wondering if the biggest looser dvds were any good. I may check it out! My cholesterol was high before my surgery, but better now. Keep up the exercise woman!