November 3, 2008

Some Relief

After a whole day of agony we finally heard from Alicia, our housemate hopeful. I had e-mailed her in the morning yesterday to tell her the roommie position is hers if she wants it. I figured I would call her in the evening if I do not get a call or reply. Oops! She never gave me her number. But luckily last night she did respond with enthusiasm and said application and deposit is no prob. - Yay! After feeling jerked around by several other potential roommies this is some relief, but it's not over until money is in hand and paperwork signed- in fact I prob would be truly relieved until she is sleeping here, but at least we are two steps in the right direction. I hope if she ever reads my blog she looks back on this and laughs, knowing that I am a tad neurotic about things sometimes but mean well.

1 comment:

michelle said...

Yay! My fingers are crossed that everything goes smoothly this time!