November 30, 2008

Great Thanksgiving

-cleaned the house really well
-left wednesday night
-my package from cookie lee did not come in time
-package made it to the house anyway- thanks alicia!
-lots of bay area traffic
-made it to buttonwillow by 11pmish wednesday
-bed waS hard, hotel bare minimum
-thursday morning we ate at the country truck stop buffet, not bad for $5
-drive to mom and jims pretty smooth, a bit of LA traffic
-Got there with plenty of time before turkey
-hung out, then ate turkey and all the usual suspects
-hung out more then ate dessert. HIghlight: Wenny's chocolate croissant bread pudding
-eventually drove to pasadena to crash at todd and wennys- real nice accommodations
-highlight: playing with waldorf T&W's dog
-Friday IHOP breakfast with T&W then Tuesday Morning browsing and down to OC for Cookie Lee show
-now many showed for the jewelry show, but I still did pretty well.
-My favorite michellie and her hubby came too, she sold her wine charms, which are AWESOME
-The great Lisa came over after and we all went to CPK for dinner
-W&Me drove back to pasadena again in time to catch a movie with T&W
-I read in the car and felt carsick so i took a dramamine for the first time
-could not stay awakw during the movie- oops- dramamine causes drowsiness! (Who knew?)
-slept very well and then yesterday morning we went to universal city walk and shopped and had lunch
-around 2pm saturday we hit the road
-the worst wendys ever for dinner in santa nella
-home by 830pm sooo happy to see mister and a clean house
-alicia did not move anything in yet, but soon enough i think
-caught up on our shows we missed (i heart DVR!) and slept really well
-really weird dream about me losing my job- ouch! thank goodness it was just a dream

Since it will b a long time before i upload the photos, i will include photos from thanksgivings from the past.

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