November 12, 2008

A Day Off

I woke up without the aid of an alarm yesterday at 7:30am.I probably could have easily convinced myself to go back to sleep, but instead I wanted a full day to myself and got my butt out of bed. I cleaned, farted around on the puter, excersized, went to Ikea with Rachael, went to a girl's potluck at Haydees, went to Target, did dishes, watched a little bit of TV, new roommie stopped by with some papers and to measure her room, I made dinner. Wes and I were relaxing in a post-dinner haze when I looked at my blackberry to see our therapy appointment reminder pop up- Whoops! We only go every other week and the last appointment was canceled because I didn't feel well. It was about seven minutes to the hour and I said "let's go!" Wes said "c'mon, we won't make it". But away we went. In fact we were only about seven minutes late to our appointment. Not bad!

I think a mid-week day off should happen at least once a month, that was good!

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